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As a Southern California bird breeder, we specialize in raising Australian parrots, parakeets, some exotic finches, a diversification of few African species such as finches and parrots (CAG’s and poicephalus) and other parrots. At EMR Exotic Bird Breeder you will find high quality beautiful exotic birds, where individualized human attention and care is provided for a healthy-happy bird.

Starting as a young child, I took heart when it comes to the care and importance of these birds. Their carefully selected natural, relaxed and nurturing environment, to their specific diets, paying careful attention to their needs to ensure a happy healthy and a well adjusted loving companion from my home to yours.

We have a varied selection of exquisite and exotic bird species to choose from in our aviary located in San Diego County. I will make every effort to help you select one of our beautiful creations we nurtured, as the right match to fit your specific needs, as any bird owner would expect. Our website is developed to help you find that special winged addition to your family as a pet or a companion. I know the kind of joy they bring to our lives.

We are devoted to help you make the right choices and decisions regarding your choice of bird breed; we encourage you to read our TESTIMONIALS from our happy, satisfied and repeat clients. Tour our site, enjoy the bird photo gallery and make EMR Exotic Bird Breeder your next stop in finding that special bird you are looking for.

EMR Exotic Bird Breeder is located in San Diego County in beautiful, sunny southern California.


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