Our Flock

Below is a list of the many exotic birds we breed here at EMR’s Bird Ranch

Australian Long Tailed Parakeets

Blue Mealy Rosella (Pale Headed), Golden Mantle Rosella (Eastern) Cinnamon Firey (Eastern) Rosella, Firey (Eastern) Rosella, Lutino (Eastern) Rosella, Rubino (Eastern) Rosella, Stanley (Western) Rosella,

Adelaide Rosella, Blue Crimson Pennant, Blue Opaline Pastel Pennant, Crimson Pennant, Green Rosella, Yellow Rosella, Lutino Pennant, Orange Pennant, Pied Pennant, Red Cinnamon Pennant, Silver Pennant, Yellow (par blue) Pennant

NEOPHEMAS (Grass Keets)
Scarlet Chested (Splendid): Blue-White Fronted, Cinnamon, Normal, Par Blue, Sky Blue, Silver, Pied, Lutino, Creamino

Elegant: Cinnamon Golden Pied, Lutino, Normal

Turquoisine: Normal, Full red fronted, Lutino, Opaline, Red bellied

Bourkes: Rosey, Lutino, Rubino, Cream, Pink eyed White Faced, Rainbow, Cinnamon, Spangle, normal

RED RUMPS: Albino, Australian Blue, Lutino, Blue cinnamon opaline,  Cinnamon opaline , Yellow opaline, Blue opaline, Platinum, Rubino, Blue pied

LINEOLATED PARAKEETS: Lutino, Creamino, Cobalt, Turquoise, Mauve, Green, Olive green, Dilutes (Green, Cobalt, Turquoise, Mauve), Lacewings, Spangled

Australian King Parrot, Barraband (Superb Parakeet), Crimson Wing Parakeet, Rock Pebbler (Regent Parrot), Princess of Wales (Albino, Normal, Blue, Lutino)

Barnard (Mallee Ringneck), Cloncurry, Mulga (many colored parakeets), Pileated (Red Cap), Plumhead Parakeet (Normal and Lutino)


CAIQUES: Black Headed Caique, White Bellied Caique (orange headed caique)

PIONUS: Blue Headed Pionus, Maximilian Pionus, White Headed Pionus, Bronze Wing Pionus

ECLECTUS: Red Sided Eclectus

AFRICAN PARROTS: Congo African Greys, Red Bellied Parrot, Meyers, Senegal

COCKATOOS: Citron cockatoo, Sulpher Crested Cockatoo, Rose Breasted Cockatoo


GREEN CHEEK: Cinnamon, Normal, Pineapple, Yellowsided, Turquoise, CinnamonTurquoise,  Pineapple Turquoise, YellowSided Turquoise

OTHER CONURES: Black Cap Opaline “Vorens”; Crimson Bellied; Fiery Golden Shouldered; Pearly; Rosiefron (Painted); White Eared-Emma (Painted)


BLACK MASK:  Green (normal), Blue Black Mask; Cobalt-violet  Black Mask; Slate Black Mask; Blue Dilute black Mask,

FISCHER: - Albino, Blue Fischer, Dilute Fischer; Lutino Fischer (red & black eyes), Green Fischer,

OTHER LOVEBIRDS: Lutino (Orange Headed), Opaline (green and lutino), Blue opaline white faced, Peach Face, European Yellow


AFRICAN FINCHES: African Quail Finch, Cordon Blues - Blue caps, Cordon blues - Red Cheeked, Cuban Melodious Finch, Green singer, Melba Finch, Painted Finch, Purple Grenadier, Pytilia - Red Winged, Pytilia - Yellow Winged, Red Billed FireFinch, Tanager - Blue and Grey, Twinspots - Dybowski, Twinspots - Green Backed, Twinspots - Peter, Waxbill - Blue Billed, Waxbill - Gold Breasted, Waxbill - Lavender, Waxbill - Orange Cheeked, Waxbill - Red Cheeked, Waxbill - Red Ear, Yellow Hooded Blackbird

AUSTRALIAN FINCHES: Cherry Finch, Diamond Firetails, Lady Gouldian , Owl Finch, Parrot Finch - Blue Headed, Parrot Finch - Green Backed, Parrot Finch - Red Headed, Shaftail (Albino, fawn, normal), Society, Star Finch, Zebra