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4/8/2009 Oma McNabb - Wausau, WI
Eva was very professional and communicated well throughout the whole process. This was our first time having a bird shipped and we were very nervous about the process. She walked us through it step by step. The bird we received was healthy, well socialized and fit in with our male bird very well. It’s like they have been around each other forever. She was not territorial or aggressive at all.  Thanks Eva!

3/23/2009 Laurie Peterson - Alexandria, Louisiana
My family and I were very happy with this breeder. She was very pleasant and easy to work with. She sent us pictures and updates frequently. The shipping process was easy from this end and all the information was sent ahead of time to confirm all the days and weather forecast during our birds traveling. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to purchase a bird. Our little bird was in good health and sweet.. He loves to be handled and loved on by my 2 little girls.

3/20/2009 slc3273
Los Angeles, CA beautiful GCC from EMR breeders! very healthy and happy!

3/19/2009 Wallace Ecklof - Belford, NJ
Eva has beautiful birds and my experience with her was very professional right from the beginning to the follow up phone call. You can buy with confidence from EMR.

3/18/2009 Paisley - San Diego, CA
Eva was wonderful and accomodating. She takes pride in her birds and clean well maintained aviaries. All the birds looked healthy, happy and active. We appreciate that we were able to pick up our bird at her home and see how she keeps her breeding facility. The birds are feed quality pellets, veggies and raised outdoors which I think really keeps them hardy. We will be buying from her again. Thanks so much!

3/14/2009 Samy Mona - La Mesa, CA
Eva is a wonderful person, easy to deal with and very accommodating. Her love and passion for the birds and her other animals is beyond expectations. SHE HAS A LOT OF BEAUTIFUL BIRDS, better than the zoo, they are all healthy, all the cages and the surroundings are very clean and well organized. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a happy-healthy bird. I will definitely do business with her again. Thanks a million Eva.

3/10/2009 Danielle Woods - San Diego, California
I enjoyed purchasing my bird from Eva, she communicated very well with me and my bird is in excellent health. I am glad that I went through EMR to purchase my bird and I would not hesitated to recommend her to anyone else. When it came to my questions she answered them all and even offered more information. Like I said before my bird is in excellent health and is everything and more that I expected…thanks Eva

3/8/2009 sandi - miami, florida
Never in my life have I had such an enjoyable experience as the one I have had with this amazing bird breeder. I am now the very proud owner of the healthiest, calmest most gorgeous bird I could ever dream of owning and it was all made possible by a very special lady who not only raises the most exquisite birds but shows the true compassion and expertise to make sure they are safely placed in the right home. I couldn’t be more pleased with this whole experience and am so very grateful to Eva!

Breeder Reply: Sandi, I am glad it all worked out and Bell & Taco(the plumheads) did not waste anytime at all and that they are very compatible.

2/15/2009 Jean Mucci, Chicago IL
I did not think there was great services like that anymore so kind so patient so knowledgeable, the service Eva provided is way beyond expectation, she is very kind, patient and caring and has a lot to offer.

2/14/2009 Ruth West - High Ridge, Missouri
It was a pleasure doing business with Eva. She is most informed and helped me a lot. The birds I bought from her are beautiful, in great feather and very healthy. I cannot have bought from a better breeder.

2/13/2009 Debbie Rockefeller - Phelps, NY
The birds that I purchased are absolutely beautiful, they are all healthy, well cared for and extremely unique. I have purchased birds from Eva and will continue to do so in the future. Every bird that I have received from her is beautiful, healthy. I will continue to do business with her in the future and look forward to purchasing more of her birds. She was a pleasure to deal with, very helpful and informative. Thank you so very much for your time and your consideration.

2/13/2009 Phil - PA
Eva was very courteous and helpful, eager to answer all questions, and gave useful advice. I was very satisfied with my purchase.

2/2/2009 Julie - Roswell, GA
Eva was absolutely wonderful. She answered several emails and questions before I got birds from her and followed up with a phone call (long distance) to see how birds were doing after arrival. Not only that, but she even answered some questions I had about my other birds too. Absolutely gorgeous plum head and splendid parakeets - brilliant colors, perfect feathers. Crate was so sturdy that I even had trouble opening it, but very safe for birds. I highly recommend Eva!

1/26/2009 LaTasha Nicole Hiley - Oakland, Ca
I have never met someone as loving and caring about birds. Eva was very accomidating. My husband, myself and my kids took a long drive down to see her birds and not only was her cages neat and clean but all of her birds were beatuifully feathers. I couldn’t find one thing wrong to complain about. She made us feel like we were family coming over for a visit. She spent as much time with us as we needed. She didn’t try to rush us off like some breeders do. She answered all our questions. Pleasure.

1/25/2009 Billy Perez - Coffee Springs, Al
Just want to THANK YOU EVA, for sending me great healty birds.Tears were coming down my face, as I took them out of the great boxes you shipped them in..Each one was just beautiful..Thank you for the substitution on the Red Rumped…The Blue Opalines, are so much more then I expected.I am so thankfull to you…I couldn`t be any more happier with your birds, and of couse with you..Thanks for being so helpfull..Looking forward on doing more business with you. I highly recommend you and your birds.

Breeder Reply: I am glad you are happy with the Blue Opaline RR. It gives me a satisfied and a happy feeling to see that my clients are happy with the birds I send them. Thank you Billy

1/24/2009 Rosemary - Azusa, CA
I truly enjoyed my visit with Eva. It is so obvious she loves her birds and takes great care of them. It was really nice to be able to walk through her aviaries and have her share her knowledge and her stories with us!

1/22/2009 Hilda Schlagenhaufer - Colton, Oregon
This person makes to many “honest mistakes”. Beaware that she might substitute birds for ones that you did not order and say it was an unintentional mistake, She did this to me twice

Breeder Reply: I did make one honest mistake, not two as she claims. I apologized and offered Hilda a correction-adjustment but she posted unfavorable postings at other bird sites instead. The pr that I substituted were favorably received by Hilda as evidenced by her e-mail after she received the birds as follows: ON SUN, JAN 18, 2009 AT 11:28 AM, HILDASCHLA@AOL.COM WROTE. “HI, JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT THE BIRDS ARRIVED IN GOOD CONDITION AND THE PLANE ARRIVED EARLY. THEY LOOK VERY GOOD. THE CINNAMON BOURKE PARAKEET IS VERY PRETTY ……..THE BIRDS ARE DOING FINE. THE LINNIES ARE NOT WHAT I ORDERED BUT THEY ARE VERY PRETTY AND I SEE THAT YOU SUBSTITUTED FOR A PAIR THAT IS A MORE EXPENSIVE. I APPRECIATE THAT….THE BIRDS ARE VERY NICE AND WILL GIVE THEM A GOOD LIFE …” In a prior transaction she highly recommended me, testimonial as follows: “10/14/2007 HILDA SCHLAGENHAUFER, COLTON, OREGON : GREAT TO DEAL WITH. THE BIRDS ARE EXCELLENT AND THE SHIPPING WAS FAST. THE CRATES WERE WELL PREPARED AND THE BIRDS ARRIVED IN GOOD CONDITION. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BREEDER!!!!!” With the hundreds of birds that I have sold, a minor mistake like this one is bound to happen. I am only human. I have always tried to please my customers as evidenced by their testimonials and being repeat clients, but there are just some out there that no matter what I do, they can not be satisfied

11/27/2008 Tim Simmons - Menasha, Wi
Excellent birds and beautiful colors. Very happy!!!

11/26/2008 john deaville - jennings, louisiana
birds were in perfect feather very healthy and lively i was treated very good and they coresponded with me very well

11/17/2008 Heidi Lind - Port Richey, Florida
This is the first time I bought birds from EMR and I was impressed. The birds are very pretty and healthy looking. I will not hestitate to buy from EMR again.

11/15/2008 Barry Taylor - Port Angeles, Washington
My transaction with this breeder was trouble free. The birds that I received were quite nice and in good health. I would not hesitate to recommend this breeder to anyone.

11/5/2008 dave mount - hopedale, ohio
great person to deal with

10/25/2008 LINDA - AUSTIN, TX
The Stanley Rosella hen I got from Eva is in superior condition..she will be beautiful when completely feathered out. Thank you Eva.

10/23/2008 Violet Ford - Sherman Oaks, CA
Thank you Eva for walking us through all the questions we asked and making shopping fun for us . The end result is a beautiful Eclectus named Walker . Eva has a lot going for her business. Her birds are kept up very well and every cage we saw was clean. Lastly Eva loves her birds and vibes are great at her home. We will continue to do business you.

10/22/2008 Helen Cowton - Romulus, Michigan
Wonderful experience. Beautiful bird and caring and loving bird owner. Aerial arrived in perfect condition, and she is eating and adjusting well. Would definitely do business with this breeder again.

10/17/2008 Chito Navarro - Hooksett, NH
Eva is a great person to do business with. She’s very patient specially with amateurs like myself. The birds came looking healthy and well taken care of. I highly recommend her, and won’t hesitate to do business with her again someday.

10/15/2008 kevin rice - bangor, pa.
eva is a great person to do business with. her birds were great and her business ethics superb. i see myself buying from eva for a long time and i really apreciatte the extra time she took to answer my questions.THANKS EVA!!!!!!

10/15/2008 Deb LaBella - New Hartford, CT
I searched everywhere for a rock pebbler parakeet and found 2 1yr old birds available with Eva. She went out of her way to get me a handfed baby and sent her along with another shipment to save me money on shipping cost. The bird I got is a beautiful pied mutation, very sweet and tame and far beyond my expectations.

10/14/2008 Larry and Kathy Nichols - Roswell, Georgia
Eve was wonderful to deal with. Our birds are beautiful. They are very healthy and their color is great. She was very helpful and caring. She followed up with us after we received the birds. The birds were crated and shipped with care. We will deal with Eve again, no problems.

10/11/2008 Judy Anderson - Anaheim, Calif.
Our transaction with Eva was fantastic! We wre able to purchase a beautiful Australian Keet at very reasonable price. She is extremly knowable and able to answer all our questions not only about keets but other bird we have. It is very obvious that she loves and cares for every bird she hatches or that’s in her care. She will be the first breeder we check with when my husband and I are ready for another bird. Respectfully, Judy & Doug Anderson

10/10/2008 B Morgan - Sioux Falls, SD
Eva has been fantastic in answering all my questions regarding the bird I purchased from her. She has truly gone above and beyond in her customer service. I received the Golden Mantel Rosella yesterday via Delta and she is simply gorgeous. I couldn’t be happier. If you are looking at one of Eva’s birds, don’t hesitate–her birds are beautiful, healthy and she can be trusted as a breeder to boot! It doesn’t get any better!

9/18/2008 Terry Colvin - San Gabriel, CA
Eva and her her birds are truly phenomenal. She puts hours of love and care into each of her birds. I purchased a baby female African Grey from her and this birds was completely hand-tamed and gentle. And the price was right. I’ll be back to purchase more birds from her.

9/18/2008 Wendy Costa - San Diego, Ca
Eva is wonderful. She spent extra time to teach my son how to take care of our new baby. She made sure we had EVERYTHING we needed. The cobalt linnie is the perfect addition to our family. I would recommend Eva to friends and family. She will be my first call when we are ready for another bird.

9/18/2008 Terry Colvin - LA, CA
Eva and her her birds are truly phenomenal. She puts hours of love and care into each of her birds. I purchased a baby female African Grey from her and this birds was completely hand-tamed and gentle. And the price was right. I’ll be back to purchase more birds from her.

9/18/2008 Elisheva - CT
Eva’s birds are simply the best - great quality and you can tell that she takes the BEST care of her birds - they are quality, wonderful animals. I wouldn’t buy birds elsewhere!

8/26/2008 wayne Dinniss - San Diego, California
It has only been over the last 5 or 6 Months that I have gotten to know Eva,and since then have purchased over several pairs of Parrots. Eva has a lot of Passion for her Birds and as I am close by I have been able to pick them up and visit here on a Beautiful property that she has. She has been more than fair with her prices and it is always a pleasure seeing her and her birds, be it for pleasure or for Business.

8/17/2008 Gary Vock - Corona, California
Eva is a true bird lover…..even with the hundreds of birds she cares for… when we left with Ziggy, she was brought to tears to see him go. Then she called us after a couple of days to make sure he was OK and ask if we had any questions she could answer for us. To me that says a lot…She truly loves each and everyone of her birds.

8/12/2008 Adam - vinton, Va
The owner of Emr Exotic birds is wonderful. She took great care of my african grey as it was healthy and playful from the start. I will purchase birds from Eva again and will recommend her to all my other pet friends. thank you so much Eva, you’ll hear from me in the future.

8/11/2008 Diana L. - Medford, NJ
Eva was great. You can tell how much she absolutely adores her birds. She admits when she doesn’t know something and will be honest with you with the information she has on hand. I highly recommend her! I’m definitely not dissapointed with the two little linnies I bought from her. They’ve really brought a new element to my home. :3

8/10/2008 jeri - clifton heights, pa
Purchased several love birds from Eva and she was a pleasure to do business with. Her birds are all beautiful and healthy and I would highly recommend EMR to anyone. She made the whole process (purchasing and shipping) go very smoothly. Great experiance!!

8/10/2008 Susan Mathews - Marengo, IL
I purchased a pair of Scarlet Chested Parakeets and a pair of Lady Gouldians. They arrived in a very nice quality packing crate on time at the airport. One of the Gouldians seemed very “sleepy” and died later that day. I think she was stressed from the shipping. The three others are fine. Eva Rosen was very kind and offered to provide me with another bird of my choice in the future. Eva was very nice to work with and I would definitely do business with her again.

7/19/2008 Aubrey - Oceanside, CA
I purchased two conures from this breeder and would highly reccomend her! Her birds are excellent quality and her service was at the same level. I am VERY pleased with the birds I purchased from her.

7/18/2008 Donna Goetz - Elkhorn, WI
What a wonderful breeder. The birds are nice and big, and in gorgeous condition. Eva was so helpful, and is a truly caring person.

7/9/2008 Ken Murphy - Flagstaff, AZ
Eva is an awesome lady to work with! I bought a pair of Scarlet-chested Parakeets and a pair of Rosy Bourke’s Parakeets, all her birds are beautiful and in fine feather and her aviary is clean and well cared for. Would recommend to anyone, thanks Eva!

6/30/2008 Meredith - Gaithersburg, MD
Eva is just wonderful and is is very obvious she cares very much for her babies. She took the time to speak with me by email and phone, send photos, and is excellent at returning calls. She is very prompt! My Eclectus is just perfect and the sweetest baby ever! She arrived at the airport safely and shipping was excellent. I will definitely buy from Eva again, she is wonderful!! Thank you so much for everything Eva!!

6/29/2008 Donna Robbins - Pensacola, Florida
Regardless of my concerns about buying a bird online I began communicating with Eva (by email/phone)and found her to be extremely helpful. She was very patient and took the time to address all of my concerns. She won me over and I picked up my Abby (a Rose Breasted Cockatoo) on 6/27/08. She is so sweet and gorgeous. I took her straight from the airport to the Avian vet and was told that it’s obvious Abby has been well cared for and that she was worked with a lot. I’m 100% satisfied. Thanks, Eva!

6/15/2008 Don - Chicago, Illinois
The birds are beautiful. They are friendly and nice.

6/15/2008 dr william - rushville, in
lovely birds, very healthy, shipping is excellent

5/11/2008 mike - North Hollywood, CA
Eva and her birds were incredible. The place was very clean and she is both knowledgeable and professional. It was a great day and the green cheek conure I purchased is wonderful. I would recommend Evas Birds to anyone looking for a healthy happy bird. I will definitely be buying more from her.

5/8/2008 Jessica Adams - Welsh, Louisiana
The birds I received were beautiful and healthy. They are a breeder pair and sold as such. Although they are very social birds and do not overreact to people going near or in their cage. I can tell alot by their interaction with me that they were very well cared for. I enjoyed wonderful communication with the breeder and she was very easy to talk to. Thank you!!!

5/5/2008 Lia LaForte - Laguna Niguel, CA
Eva was such a delight to deal with. Her love of birds is obvious as is her patience and compassion in general. I’m so glad I found her website online. We have a jewel of a baby bird and a new family member and we are so, so, so Happy!

5/4/2008 Debbie - Phelps, NY
The birds I received are very beautiful and healthy. Eva has been helpful and informative and I enjoyed doing business with her.

4/25/2008 Ron Brister - Irving, TX
We purchased a Pearly Conure from Eva and the bird is awesome. In addition, Eva was extremely friendly and customer service driven. We will be doing business with Eva once again.

4/23/2008 mila prakash - scappoose, oregon
She is very honest and the day she told me that she will ship the birds and she did.If i have question she is there to answer.I will do business with her again.Keep the good work Eva.You are good.

4/23/2008 Anita Anderson - Carlsbad, CA
I acquired my Crimson Bellied Conure from Eva. He is very healthy and so tame. Eva truly cares for the welfare of her birds and the homes they go to. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a pet or a breeder.

4/12/2008 Ymayatsi Blanco Abreusl - Weyers Cave, VA
Thank you for the birds.The birds are beautiful. they love other birds we have and they are friends.I hear them all day. You have great birds. From Rachel.

4/4/2008 Dan - Appleton, WI
Absolutely the BEST person to deal with. Birds are top quality, healthy and very reasonably priced!! I cant possibly say enough good things about Eva!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

3/20/2008 Elisha - Windsor, CT
Eva’s birds are of GREAT quality - I was very pleased with their temperments and their feather quality. You can tell that this is someone who takes care of their birds!

3/12/2008 Pam Collins - Newhall, Iowa
Eva was very helpful in my selection af my parrotlets- she answered any questions and concerns I had and she has wonderful birds and she really cares for them and sees to it that they go to a loving home

2/2/2008 Nasrathullah Syed - Walnut Creek, California
I found Eva to be very helpful and knowlegeble. Love to do business wit her and recomend to my friends.

1/31/2008 Vic - mansfield, ct
Excellent from Order to Delivery

1/11/2008 Marty Dunne - LaGrange, IL
I bought the BEST birds and had the most wonderful and professional experience with Eva, who is the propreiter of the business. WOW. The two pairs arrived in a exteremely safe crate that enabled the birds safety and comfort. The birds have definitely surpassed my expectations for beauty and size.

12/23/2007 Pam Morgan - Bloomington, In.
I have dealt with several other breeders by far this is the best service I have received. I found Eva to be extremely honest, very professional and very personable at the same time.She did not make you feel in the least like making you feel hurried or just to make a buck. I will use her in the future for all my birds and if she does not have it I know she will try to find what I want. I received my shipment on 12/22/07 and found the quality of bird was greater than expected.

12/21/2007 Dan Harris - Appleton, WI
You could’nt ask for a more helpful person. Everything as promised, PLUS!! Backs all she sells!! Clean, healthy, and very safe arrival. Will def be doing more business with her in spring and recommending her to anyone that wants a high class service! Thanks Eva! God bless, Happy Holidays!

12/13/2007 Don Schiffler - Gulfport, Florida
Friendly,courteous and very professional, transaction went very smoothly, shipping was smooth and on time, the bird was exactly as described and arrived in great shape, the shipping container was very well built and extremely sturdy, will order from this breeder again w/out hesitation, I recommend her highly

12/3/2007 Steve Breckenridge - Farmerville, La.
Eva is a very nice, knowledgable lady and a pleasure doing business with. The birds arrived in excellent health and are very beautiful as described.

12/2/2007 Rob Toma - , Delaware
Very good service, prompt and friendly.

11/26/2007 Patti Crandall - San Diego, CA
I have bought birds from this very thoughtful and caring person. The birds have been healthy and set up in large cages. The cages are clean with great seed mixtures, fresh water and treats. I have been to her home several times and the yard and bird area has always been very clean. I will continue to get birds from her regardless of any rumors. She loves her animals and treats them with loving care. If I had any problems, I feel very comfortable it calling her and asking her about it.

11/26/2007 Lyle Stromsodt - Yucaipa, Ca
On November 16, 2007 I had the opportunity to visit Eva and see her set up for the birds. I’ve never seen so many aviaries so clean. When considering the San Diego Zoo Aviaries didn’t house as many birds as Eva had they were comparable or better in appearance than those at the Zoo. All of the birds looked good. Even at the edge of the flights you could see their clear eyes and clean vents. Of the birds I personally held they were of very good size and feather. I am happy to see her facility

11/24/2007 Pam Burke - Portland, OR
Ms. Rosen facilitated the acquisition of a parrotlet. She made the flight arrangements and he arrived in a very timely fashion. All interactions with her were friendly and helpful. I would do business with her aviary again.

11/24/2007 seven richardson - , ca
Delivered birds as promised on time, clean and in good health. Great price! Recommended.

11/24/2007 Roger Cherry - alpine, ca
Eva is a wonderful person to deal with, very knowledgeable, super friendly, answers all my questions. Runs first class bird operation. Her aviaries are very clean, birds are happy and healthy and are well taken cared of. I have been buying birds from her many times. I am definitely a repeat customer of hers. So far I have bought conures, red rumps, rosellas, even some finches and pennants. I highly recommend her to anyone, you will not be disappointed. I would say she is an honest person

11/11/2007 J. Conrad - Waco, TX
Excellent transaction. Eva was more than willing to answer any questions and provided me with quality birds as discussed.

11/11/2007 Dan - Appleton, WI
Super person to deal with! VERY helpful in every way. Birds arrived as described! Will def. do business with Eva again!!

11/9/2007 Anne - Mt Dora, Florida
Bought birds from Eva on 11/7/07. I have bought many birds over the past 20 years, and I have to say how wonderful her birds are. Wonderful condition, great feathering, very nice birds. It was wonderful doing business with Eva, she was always prompt to answer emails, return calls, and ship the birds. Birds were well packaged in a nice crate. Definitely recommend her highly. Birds are as described, Thanks Eva.

10/27/2007 nidia morales - tampa, florida
She is very friendly on the phone and on email. She keep you update on your orders and very honest. It is a pleasure to do business with her.

10/15/2007 Marjorie David - Hollister, Mo.
I enjoyed doing business with Eva, she is very pleasant and kind. I Bought 5 birds from her and they were beautiful clean healthy birds. I recommend her highly to find you a lovely feathered bird too. Tks Eva

10/14/2007 Hilda Schlagenhaufer - Colton, Oregon
Great to deal with. The birds are excellent and the shipping was fast. The crates were well prepared and the birds arrived in good condition. Highly recommend this breeder!!!!!

10/13/2007 Larry Lopez - San Antonio, TX
Excellent communication, transaction was done in a timely manner and birds arrived as promised in excellent condition. Absolutely stunning birds! Thanks Eva!

9/30/2007 Margie - Homer, NY
Eva was terrific to deal with. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. The birds arrived in great condition and are happy, healthy well adjusted birds.

9/26/2007 Lucinda Jolly - Brandywine, Maryland
Anyone, considering ordering birds from Eva will not be disappointed. She has a lot of information about the birds she sells. Her fast service, and wonderful personality is unbeatable!!! Cindy Jolly Brandywine maryland

9/23/2007 Allan Clark - Honea Path, South Carolina
Beautiful and healthy birds.Eva is a delihtful person to talk and do business with.